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JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant paper with revised answer key

Section 1 - General Knowledge

1) The origin of which of the following lakes in Jammu and Kashmir is associated with the Mahabharata?
A) Dal lake
B) Surinsar lake
C) Nagin lake
D) Wullar lake 
Ans. B)

2) Which of the following is the traditional dress of the Kashmiri people?
A) Bandhgala
B) Achkan
C) Rignai
D) Pheran
Ans. D) 

3) Which among the following options is a major tributary of the Bhagirathi river?
A) Bhilangna river
B) Pindar river
C) Dhauliganga
D) Bishenganga
Ans. A)

4) As per census 2011, with regards to sex ratio, the number of females per 1000 males in India was:
A) 890
B) 1140
C) 990
D) 940
Ans. D)
5) The Vale of Kashmir (Kashmir valley) is the sole producer of which product (in India)?
A) Sapphire
B) Walnut
C) Saffron
D) Peach
Ans. C)

6) Read the following statements and choose the CORRECT option.
Statement I: Wheat and Barley are grown as rabi crops in India.
Statement II: Rabi crops are sown at the beginning of the monsoon season and harvested between October and December.
A) Statement I: FALSE, Statement II: TRUE
B) Statement I: TRUE, Statement II: FALSE
C) Statement I: FALSE, Statement II: FALSE
D) Statement I: TRUE, Statement II: TRUE
Ans. B)

7) Operation Sadbhavana is a unique humane initiative undertaken in Jammu and Kashmir to help people affected a by terrorism and is launched by the:
A) Indian Army
B) Central Government of India
C) Home Department, Government of Jammu & Kashmir
D) District Development Councils
Ans. A)

8) Which country shares boundary with Pakistan in the West?
A) Iran
B) India
C) Iraq
D) China
Ans. A)

9) Which among the following was the residential palace of Raja Amar Singh, located in Jammu?
A) Bahu Fort
B) Amar Mahal
C) Akhnoor Fort
D) Gol Ghar
Ans. B)

10) Which of the following soils is suitable for saffron cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir region?
A) Grutl soil
B) Karewa soil
C) Nambal soil
D) Tand soil
Ans. B) 

11) During which season are walnuts harvested in Jammu 
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Autumn
D) Monsoon
Ans. C)

12) Who among the following Mughal emperors carved Kashmir out as a separate subah (imperial top-level province) in his dynasty with the power seated at Srinagar?
A) Akbar
B) Shah Jahan
C) Jehangir
D) Aurangzeb
Ans. B)

13) In 2021, under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, a pilot project was launched to revive which of the following crafts of Jammu and Kashmir?
A) Calico Painting
B) Basohli
C) Phool Kari
D) Namda
Ans. D)

14) In October 2021, Government of India signed a share purchase agreement with Tata Sons for sale of which of the following airlines for Rs 18,000 crores?
A) IndiGo
B) SpiceJet
C) Go First
D) Air India
Ans. D)

15) The Leh Palace was the royal residence of the which of the following dynasties that ruled Jammu and Kashmir?
A) Rinpunga dynasty
B) Tsangpa dynasty
C) Yarlung dynasty
D) Namgyal dynasty
Ans. D)

16) Gulab Singh was eventually made the Raja of Jammu through which the following Treaties dated: 16-3-1846?
A) Treaty of Delhi
B) Treaty of Lahore
C) Treaty of Amritsar
D) Treaty of Srinagar
Ans. C)

17) Which among the following lakes is located in Jammu and Kashmir?
A) Sambhar lake
B) Lonar lake
C) Agara lake
D) Wular lake
Ans. D)

18) In 2021, the Jammu and Kashmir Government filed an application to seek GI tag for which of the following species of mushrooms?
A) Telia Sattar
B) Gucchi
C) Boda
D) Matij
Ans. B)

19) The bill for the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by:
A) Amit Shah
B) G. Kishan Reddy
C) Rajnath Singh
D) Ravi Shankar Prasad
Ans. A)

20) Which is the only active volcanic island in India?
A) Minicoy Island
B) Amindivi Island
C) Barren Island 
D) Laccadive Island
Ans. C)

21) Which among the following destinations is the base camp of the Amarnath Yatra?
A) Sonmarg
B) Gulmarg
C) Pampore
D) Sanasar
Ans. A)

22) In which of the following states of India is the Dree festival celebrated?
A) Manipur
B) Assam
C) Arunachal Pradesh
D) Nagaland
Ans. C)

23) Which of the following statements is FALSE with reference to the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act of 2019?
A) Ladakh has been formulated into a separate Union territory without a Legislative Assembly
B) Jammu and Kashmir has become a Union Territory with a Legislative Assembly
C) Governor of existing State of Jammu and Kashmir to be common Lieutenant Governor
D) There will be no reservation for Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste in Jammu and Kashmir
Ans. C) and D)

24) When did the Indigo revolt in Bengal, a peasant movement, start?
A) 1837
B) 1859
C) 1871
D) 1889
Ans. B)

25) Which among the following is the largest wetland sanctuary in the state of Gujarat and one of the biggest in India?
A) Kaziranga national park
B) Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
C) Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
D) Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary
Ans. B)

26) The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) is the; premier container handling port in India, accounting for around 50% of the total containerized cargo volume, across tip major ports of India. It is located in:
A) Navi Mumbai
B) Kochi
C) Visakhapatnam
D) Chennai
Ans. A)

27) Which of the following countries lies to the south of India?
A) Pakistan
B) Maldives
C) Myanmar
D) Bangladesh
Ans. B)

28) As per Census 2011, what is the literacy rate of India?
A) 67.02%
B) 70.10%
C) 74.04 %
D) 81.03%
Ans. C)

29) The Subar Dhar Mela takes place in which of the following locations of Jammu and Kashmir
A) Bhaderwah
B) Kishtwar
C) Srinagar
D) Doda
Ans. A) and D) 

30) Which of the following forts of Jammu and Kashmir is also known as the Koh-e-Maran?
A) Chitkan Fort
B) Akhnoor Fort
C) Hari Parbat Fort
D) Bahu Fort
Ans. C)

Section 2 - Accounting and Book Keeping

31) Copyright is a/an
A) Asset
B) Liability
C) Expense
D) Profit
Ans. A)

32) If there is a positive balance in debit side of Profit & loss account, then what does it indicate?
A) gross profit
B) net profit
C) gross loss
D) net loss 
Ans. B) and D)

33) ______ refers to anything that has an economic value attached to it
A) Asset
B) Liability
C) Expense
D) Profit
Ans. A)

34) Classifications under social accounting include:
A) assets, liabilities, debt position
B) households, governments, enterprise
C) income, product, expenditure
D) public sector, private sector and Joint sector
Ans. Null

35) Loss due to fire in factory is recorded in the 
A) balance sheet
B) insurance account
C) profit and loss statement
D) factory account
Ans. C)

36) Which of the following is correct?
A) equity = asset + liability
B) liability = asset + equity
C) asset=liability + equity
D) equity = liability
Ans. C)

37) Unpresented cheque is also commonly known as
A) bounced cheque
B) credited cheque
C) uncollected cheque
D) outstanding cheque
Ans. D)

38) How frequently is the Trial balance prepared?
A) quarterly
B) during the year
C) end of month
D) end of financial year
Ans. Null

39) What is the meaning of incidence of tax?
A) Effect of tax on demand & supply of product
B) Escaping tax payment in a legal manner
C) Who will bear the burden of tax
D) Rate of tax charged
Ans. C)

40) If the asset of business is Rs 2,00,000 and equity is Rs 50,000 then what will be the liability?
A) 2,50,000
B) 2,00,000
C) 1,50,000
D) 2,20,000
Ans. C)

41) In bank statement, cash deposited is shown as
A) debit
B) credit
C) expense
D) profit
Ans. B)

42) When a company raises money from public for the first time it is known as
A) private placement
B) initial public offer
C) further public offer
D) green shoe option
Ans. B)

43) What is the main objective of audit?
A) To detect errors and fraud
B) To express true and fair opinion on financial statements
C) To give message to the shareholders
D) To pay tax to the government
Ans. B)

44) ______is a documentary evidence of a transaction done.
A) Journal
B) Index
C) Voucher
D) Ledger
Ans. C)

45) What is the main goal of financial management?
A) minimize risk of business
B) maximize sales
C) minimize loss
D) maximize shareholder's wealth
Ans. D)

46) On which of the following income, direct tax is not applicable?
A) household property
B) agricultural income
C) business income
D) property tax
Ans. B) 

47) GST was implemented on
A) 1st July 2019
B) 1st July 2017
C) 1st July 2018
D) 1st July 2020
Ans. B)

48) When audit is undertaken to check the financial controls & irregularities in the organization, it is which type of audit?
A) system audit
B) compliance audit
C) internal audit
D) statutory audit
Ans. C)

49) In Absence of any Profit-sharing ratio how is the profit divided?
A) equally amongst all partners
B) on the basis of capital
C) on the basis of experience
D) as the court may decide
Ans. A)

50) In double entry book keeping system:
A) same transaction is recorded in two people's account.
B) two books are kept and entries are made in both.
C) recording a transaction and giving it debit & credit entry. 
D) recording the transaction two times
Ans. C)

51) Decreasing value in tangible assets due to the normal wear and tear is known as  ___
A) expense
B) amortization
C) reserve
D) depreciation
Ans. D)

52) In ledger book which accounts are maintained?
A) only nominal
B) only real
C) real, personal and nominal
D) real and nominal
Ans. C)

53) P and Q are two partners sharing profit and losses in 3:2 ratio. They admit Y as a new partner with 1/5th share. What will be the new profit-sharing ratio?
A) 12:4:7
B) 12:8:5
C) 12:5:8
D) 8:5:12
Ans. B)

54) Ledger account is prepared with the help of
A) Transactions
B) Vouchers
C) Journals
D) Pass book
Ans. C)

55) If the opening capital is Rs 80,000 and closing capital is Rs 1,00,000 then what is the amount of profit or loss? 
A) profit 1,00,000 
B) loss 1,00,000 
C) profit 20,000 
D) loss 20, 000 
Ans. C)

56) In case of an overcharge which of the following documents is issued?
A) Debit note
B) Credit note
C) Bank note
D) Ledger note 
Ans. A) and B)

57) Trial balance helps to check the accuracy of the: 
A) balance sheet 
B) ledger 
C) journals 
D) cash flow statement 
Ans. B)

58) The term social accounting was first introduced by 
A) Abraham Lincoln 
B) J. R. Hicks 
C) Adam Smith 
D) William Scott
Ans. B)

59) PFMS was earlier known as: 
A) compliance plan scheme monitoring system 
B) central plan scheme monitoring system 
C) fund planning monetary system 
D) state plan scheme monitoring system 
Ans. B)

60) Expense incurred to start a business is a: 
A) fictious asset
 B) fixed asset 
C) current asset 
D) liability
Ans. A)

Section 3 - General English
61) Choose the right modal to fill in the blank:
He has promised that he ____not harm you.
A) might
B) may
C) could
D) shall
Ans. D)

62) Identify the sentence written in the passive voice.
A) Much to his surprise, he was chosen as the lead actor by the director.
B) The director chose him as the lead actor.
C) It was surprising that the director chose him as the lead actor.
D) The drama teacher chose him as the lead actor.
Ans. A)

63) Fill the blanks with the correct words.
It is not_____to _______ nasty emails to your subordinate.
A) write, right
B) right right
C) right, write
D) write, write
Ans. C)

64) Choose the option which will CORRECTLY fill the blank/s.
It very often _____ here in April.
A) rains
B) rained
C) is raining
D) had rained
Ans. A)

65) Fill in the blanks with the correct option.
She was very courageous to learn to ____ ski at fifty.
A) a
B) No Article
C) an
D) the
Ans. B)

66) Select the right preposition for the blank:
His infatuation ____ the girl led him astray.
A) for
B) about 
C) in 
Ans. A)

67) Read the following sentences to make a meaningful paragraph:
(a) This belongs to the rhizome group of plants and are actually the underground tubers of the plant
(b) Haldi, also known as turmeric all over the world, is a very healthy food.
(c) In India, haldi is widely used in the preparation of most diets due to its immense medical value to humans.
(d) The traditional Indian therapeutic systems use this herb extensively for preparing a variety of medicines.
A) abcd
B) bdac
C) cdab
D) bacd
Ans. D)

68) Choose an appropriate synonym for the underlined word The food given in the hospital was insipid, but hygienic.
A) tasty
B) delicious
C) tasteless
D) spicy
Ans. C)

69) Four alternatives are given for idioms/phrases. Choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.
A wet blanket:
A) A man who is always drunk
B) A wife who is cold to her husband
C) To wear black and white clothes
D) A person who ends enjoyable activity
Ans. D)

70) Select the right sentence He said to him, "Please wait here till I return".
 A) He requested him to wait there till he returned 
B) He told him please wait here till I return 
C) He said him wait till I return here 
D) He ordered him to wait till he returned 
Ans. A)

Section 4 - Statistics

71) Which of the following is an example of primary data?
A) A public opinion poll on who should be the next President.
B) A critical analysis of Julius Caesar.
C) A person's Instagram account
D) Inflation data uploaded at RBI website
Ans. A)

72) The present population of a country in lakhs in the years 2025 is estimated to be 170 and the population in 2020 was 140. Then find the approximate growth rate from 2020 to 2025
A) 21 %
B) 57 %
C) 89 %
D) 12%
Ans. A)

73) Which of the following is not an example of published data?
A) Public records
B) Diaries
C) Business documents
D) Trade journals
Ans. B)

74) Ram and Shyam toss three unbiased coins simultaneously. Shyam wins if he gets at least two tails. Find the probability that Shyam wins.
A) 1/2
B) 2/3
C) 3/8
D) 5/8
Ans. A)

75) In a frequency distribution, the median and mean is 12 and 13, find the mode.
A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) 40
Ans. A)

76) In India, around 17,25,980 people will die from Dengue in 2022. The population of India In 2022 is 135,00,50,000. Find the mortality rate per thousand.
A) 1.79
B) 1.28
C) 3.56
D) 0.78
Ans. B)

77) If for any two attributes A and B, (AB) < (A). (B) / N, then the attributes are:
A) Independent
B) Negatively associated
C) Positively associated
D) Cannot be determined
Ans. B)

78) Which of the following is not a characteristic of Consumer's Price Index (CPI) number?
A) Helpful in measuring the purchasing power of money
B) Used as a measure of inflation
C) Helpful in wage negotiations
D) An important component in Fiscal Deficit
Ans. D)

79) Which of the following is not a type of questionnaire?
A) Structured-Undisguised Questionnaire
B) Unstructured-Undisguised Questionnaire
C) Unstructured-Disguised Questionnaire
D) Normal-Disguised Questionnaire
Ans. D)

80) Find the median of the following data:
A) 21
B) 23
C) 22
D) 17
Ans. C)

Section 5 - Mathamatics

81) The sum of two numbers is 18. The sum of the reciprocal of those numbers is 1/4. The numbers are
A) 12 and 6
B) 10 and 8
C) 9 and 9
D) 11 and 7
Ans. A)

82) For what value of 'm', the simultaneous equations, 5a+7b=2 and 15a+21b=m, have zero solution?
A) m0
B) m4
C) m6
D) m6
Ans. Null

83) If the points (5,2,4), (6,1,2) and (8,7, k) are collinear, then k 
A) 2
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
Ans.  Null

84) What is the compound Interest earned for a principal amount of 11,200 at a rate of Interest of 10% for 2 years?
Ans. C)

85) If X and Y are two sets and X U Y = X n Y, then which of the following is true?
A) X=ø
B) Y=ø
C) X = Y
D) X⊆Y
Ans. C)

86) The perimeter of the triangle whose vertices are 2i+ 4j-k, 4i+5j+k,3i+6j-k is
A) 3+2√3 + √5
A) 3+ √2 + √5
A) 3+ √6 + √5
A) 3+ √6 - √5

Ans. C)
Hint: use distance formula to calculate

87) Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at most 2 heads?
A) 1/4
B) 3/8
C) 7/8 
D) 1/2
Ans.  C)

88) If A = {0,1,2,4} and B = {1,3,5}, then (A -B)x(AB) =
A) {(0,1), (2,1), (4,1)}
B) {(0,1), (2,1), (3,1)}
C) {(1,1), (2,1), (4,1)}
D) {(1,0), (2,1), (3,1)}
Ans. A)


A) 1/2
B) -1/2
C) 1
D) -1
Ans. A)
(Hint: use L Hospitals Rule to solve) 

90) In how many ways 8 students can be seated on 8 chairs?
A) 8
B) 8C1
C) 8P8
D) 64
Ans. C)

Section 6 - General Economics

91) As per the economic scholars, ______was excluded from the definition of factor of production.
A) land
B) money
C) capital
D) labour
Ans. B)

92) Among the given methods, which approach is used to measure national income, by summing up the flow of factor incomes received by labor, capital, land and entrepreneurship?
A) Domestic Product approach
B) Expenditure approach
C) National product approach
D) Income approach
Ans. D)

93) If the price of an article is above the equilibrium price, then there is .
A) surplus in the market
B) shortage in the market
C) more demand than what can be supplied
D) equilibrium in the market
Ans. A)

94) All companies sell identical products; market share does not influence price. This is a situation of .
A) perfect competition market
B) monopoly
C) oligopoly
D) monopolistic competition
Ans. A)

95) To determine economic growth, the GDP is compared to the population, also known as ______
A) real gross product
B) income
C) total product
D) per capita income
Ans. D)

96) Indifference curves are ______ to the origin, representing marginal substitution.
A) Concave
B) Convex
C) Hyperbolic
D) Parabolic
Ans. B)

97) Which among the given techniques (analytical tool) is used to craft fiscal policy?
A) microeconomics
B) macroeconomics
C) individual investment planning
D) depreciation
Ans. B)

98) In 1991, as a step of economic reform to help resolve the balance of payments crisis, what treatment was given to the value of the Indian rupee?
A) It was devalued
B) Its value was appreciated (increased)
C) It faced rapid inflation
D) Its value remained stable
Ans. A)

99) Ricardo assumes the law of diminishing
A) actual returns
B) marginal returns
C) surplus returns
D) total returns
Ans. B)

100) Among the given options, ______ will reduce budget deficit.
A) reduction in government expenditure
B) increase in government expenditure
C) decrease in exports
D) increase in imports
Ans. A)

Section 7 - General Knowledge

101) Among the following, which destroys the ozone layer the most?
A) Chlorofluorocarbons 
B) Oxygen 
C) Nitrides 
D) Plastic
Ans. A)

102) Which among the following is a reducing agent?
A) Oxygen
B) Magnesium oxide
C) Zinc
D) Chlorine
Ans. C)

103) Which of the following is NOT a decomposer?
A) Fungi
B) Insects
C) Hyenas
D) Earthworms
Ans. C)

104) Which among the following is INCORRECT with respect to the properties of charcoal?
A) It has lower calorific value than wood,
B) It exists is a solid amorphous state
C) It is a low-density compound
D) It acts as a good absorbent
Ans. A)

105) Which of the following diseases is caused by water contamination?
A) Diarrhea
B) Marasmus
C) Elephantiasis
D) Malaria
Ans. A)

106) Sam is suffering from Beri Beri. What deficiency does he have?
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B1
C) Vitamin C 
D) Vitamin K
Ans. B)

107) A superbike starts from rest accelerate to a velocity of 10 m/s in a time of 10 s. What should be the acceleration of the superbike?
A) 1m/s2
B) 10m/s2
C) 5m/s2
D) 3.33m/s2
Ans. A)

108) Select the plant that obtains all or part of its nutrition from another plant (the host) without contributing to the benefit of the host and, in some cases, causing extreme damage to the boat
A) Saprophytic
B) Parasitic
C) Symbiotic
D) Autotrophic
Ans. B)

109) Find the heat energy produced in a resistance of 5 when 2A current flows through it for 5 seconds.
A) 50J
B) 100 J
C) 12.5 J
D) 2 J
Ans. B)

110) Which is the only nonmetal that reacts with air to form its oxide by bunting?
A) Arsenic
B) Gas carbon
C) Graphite
D) White phosphorus
Ans. D)

Section 8 - Knowledge of Computers

111) Preet wants to convert the scanned image of handwritten text into digital text. Which input device should she use?
A) Optical Character Reader
B) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
C) Digital camera
D) Keyboard
Ans. A)

112) The speed of the hard disk is measured in terms of
A) Revolution Per Minute
B) Megabytes Per Second
C) Clock Speed
D) Pixel fill rate
Ans. A)

113) Which virus attaches itself directly to an .exe or a .com file and enters the device while its execution?
A) Macro Virus
B) Boot Sector Virus
C) Direct Action Virus
D) Overwrite Virus
Ans. C)

114) What is a computer Input device that has a flat surface and usually comes with a stylus?
A) Mouse
B) Digitizer
C) Light Pen
D) Joystick
Ans. B)

115) Which among the following is a Flash memory device?
A) Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
B) Random Access Memory (RAM)
C) USB drive
D) Blu-Ray disc
Ans. C)

116) Which storage device is used for storing Basic Input /Output System (BIOS)?
A) Random Access Memory (RAM)
B) Read Only Memory (ROM)
C) Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
D) Solid State Drive (SSD)
Ans. B)

117) Aman wants to record a task that he needs to perform repeatedly. Which feature of MS Excel can be utilized for it?
A) Excel Formulas
B) Excel Macros
C) Excel Functions
D) Excel Templates
Ans. B)

118) Through which tab can you change Page Orientation in Microsoft Word?
A) Insert
B) Page Layout
C) References
D) Review
Ans. B)

119) What type of network is the Internet?
Ans. C)

120) Which printer prints characters and images with a direct physical contact between the paper and the printing machinery?
A) Impact Printer
B) Non-Impact Printer
C) Character Printer
D) Line printer
Ans. B)

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