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JKSSB JK Police Sub-Inspector Exam question paper

JKSSB conducted the exam of JK Police Sub-Inspector on 27th March, 2022. The question paper with answer keys updated byJKSSB yis given below:

1) A sheet of paper has been folded in different steps as shown in the question figure. How does the paper looks when it is opened? Select one of the options given.
JKSSB JK Police Sub-Inspector Exam question paper
A) 1
B) 2
c) 3
D) 4
Ans. C)
2) Complete the sentence by choosing the correct option;

In formatting an e-mail, care should be taken that ________

A) the reference number is mentioned
B) the original message is attached
C) the entire message is not written in capital letters 
D) there are no attachments
Ans. C)

3) What kind of a phrase is the underlined part of the sentence? The diamond is shining brightly, that everyone is mesmerized by it.
A) Adverb Phrase
B) Adjective Phrase
C) Noun Phrase
D) Verb Phrase
Ans. A)

4) Choose the correct word substitute for the following sentence: One who engages in an art, science, study, or sport for pleasure rather than payment

A) amateur
B) dramatist
C) provocateur
D) Professional
Ans. A)

5) As per the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act 2019, the Union territory of Ladakh comprises of which of the following territories of the State of Jammu and Kashmir?
A) Kargil and Leh districts
B) Doda and Kathua districts
C) Ramban and Reasi districts 
D) Leh and Poonch districts .
Ans. A)

6) Which of the following options is a web browser to access the internet? 
A) Microsoft Word
B) Google Chrome
C) Adobe Reader
D) TeamViewer
Ans. B)

7) Which of the following is NOT a cause for the loss of biodiversity in general?
A) Co-extinction
B) Alien species invasions
C) Over exploitation
D) Reforestation
Ans. D)

8) To control the operations of a computer which of the following software is designed?
A) Application
B) System
C) Utility
D) User
Ans. B)

9) The Wing Commander (now Group Captain) Abhinandan Varthaman was accorded with which of the flowing gallantry awards (2021), for shooting down a akistani F-16 fighter aircraft during aerial combat in
A) Kirti Chakra
B) Ashoka Chakra
C) Vir Chakra
D) Param Vir Ghakra
Ans. C)

10) Mohan saves Rs. 30 by getting 5% discount on a article. What is the amount of money paid by him?
A) Rs. 580
B) Rs. 560 
C) Rs. 570 
D) Rs. 550
Ans. C)

11) As a result of the partition under the Mountbatten Plan of 3rd June, 1947, the membership of the Constituent Assembly was reduced to
A) 255 members
B) 387 members
C) 299 members
D) 490 members
Ans. C)

12) The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 received assent from the President on:
A) 7th July, 2019
B) 8th September, 2019 £
c) 9th August, 2019
D) 11th June, 2019
Ans. C)

13) A forest of trees and undergrowth plants inhabitated by animals and rooted in soil containing bacteria and fungi is an example of
A) Hybrids
B) Biomass
C) Endangered species
D) Biological community
Ans. D)

14) Identify the synonym for the word - imminent
A) important
B) expedient
C) impending
D) unlikely
Ans. C)

15) Which of the following options includes machinery, work plants, equipment, new technology, factories, buildings and goods that are designed to increase the economy's productive potential?
A) Fixed Capital
B) Working Capital
c) Capital Productivity 
D) Infrastructure
Ans. A)

16) As per Article 55(3) of the Constitution of India, the President of India is elected through which of the following processes?
A) Territorial representation
B) Functional representation
C) Proportional representation 
D) Minority representation
Ans. C)

17) Which of the following is NOT amongst a three pronged strategy adopted by Govt. of India to ensure removal of disparities, elimination of exploitation and to provide protection to disadvantaged groups?
A) Rural Development
B) Social Empowerment
C) Economic Empowerment
D) Social Justice
Ans. A)

18) Who among the following leaders was associated with the papers 'Commonweal' and 'New India' which were used to popularise the idea of achieving self-government for India?
A) Mrs. Annie Besant
B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
C) Gopalkrishna Gokhale
D) Bipin Chandra Pal
Ans. A)

19) Study the diagram carefully and answer the question: Here in this diagram the triangle represents doctors. The circle represents players. The rectangle represents artists.
Which numbered space in the diagram represents doctors who are also artists only?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 5
D) 6
Ans. B)

20) Which of the following document was submitted by Government of India before COP21 in Paris?

A) Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
B) Climate Change and Determined Nation
C) Collective Contribution and Rejuvenate Nature
D) Nation's Intention and purpose for Revitalization
Ans. A)

21) The Himadri was formed by what type of rocks?
A) Igneous Rocks
B) Sedimentary Rocks
C) Metamorphic Rocks
D) Igneous Rocks and Sedimentary Rocks
Ans. C)

22) In 2021, the Supreme Court of India launched an Artificial Intelligence (Al) based portal through which it intends to leverage machine learning to deal with the vast amounts of data received at the time of filing of cases. Identify the name of this portal.
Ans. B)

23) Study the following table carefully to answer the questions. The table gives the number of people visiting six different malls and the percentage distribution of men, women and children who are visiting. The total number of women that visited mall R is

A) 1272
B) 1436
C) 1672
D) 1836
Ans. C)

24) Which of the following options is an example for chemical change?
A) Crystallization of salt
B) Evaporation
C) Burning of coal
D) Melting of ice
Ans. C)

25) The final authority for making laws in India, that can make new laws, change existing laws or abolish them is, the
A) Supreme Court
B) President
C) Prime Minister
D) Parliament
Ans. D)

26) What would be a barrier to communication in a foreign country?
A) Not knowing the language
B) unfamiliar surroundings
C) not having the right currency
D) not knowing what to order in a restaurant
Ans. A)

27) Identify the Antonym for the word - jeopardy
A) Escapade
B) revelry
C) peril
D) safety
Ans. D)

28) In October 2021, who became the first Indian woman to reach the finals and win the Silver medal at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships in the 57kg category?
A) Sakshi Malik
B) Vinesh Phogat
C) Anshu Malik
D) Babita Kumari
Ans. C)

29) The number which bears the same ratio to (7/43) that (9/22) does to (5/11) is
A) 61/430
B) 63/430 
C) 63/431 
D) 61/431
Ans. B) 

30) In a certain code, ‘731' means ‘study very hard’, ‘953’ means ‘hard work pays’ and ‘145’ means ‘study and work’. Which of the following is the code for ‘very’?
A) 1
B) 7
C) 4
D) 9
Ans. B)

31) Which of the following states is bisected by the Tropic of Cancer?
A) West Bengal
B) Odisha
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Goa
Ans. A)

32) Which of the figures given in the answer figures will complete the figural series given in the problem figures?

A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
Ans. B)

33) Kalinga war changed the life of king Ashoka. In which modern state of India is Kalinga located?
A) Odisha
B) Rajasthan
C) Punjab
D) Haryana
Ans. A)

34) Who among the following became the Prime Minister of India, after the 16th Lok Sabha elections?
A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B) Man Mohan Singh
C) H D Devegowda 
D) Narendra Modi
Ans. D)

35) In September 2021, the government has set up an asset management company that will work in tandem with the National Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd (NARCL) to clean up bad loans. Identify the name of this bank.
A) India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited
B) National Debt Reconstruction Corporation Limited
C) India Debt Resolution Company Limited
D) State Debt Resolution Company Limited
Ans. C)

36) Gandhara school of art was one of the major schools of art in the history of ancient India. It flourished and developed during the rule of which of the following dynasties in India?
A) Kushana dynasty
B) Satavahana dynasty
C) Maurya dynasty
D) Gupta dynasty
Ans. A)

37) Which of the following political parties belong to Kerala?
A) United Democratic Front
B) United Capitalist Front
C) United Socialist Front
D) United Progressive Front
Ans. A)

38) If Rs. 306 is 5/9 % of the price of a sofa, then the price of the sofa is
A) ₹ 55080
B) ₹ 64560
C) ₹ 5580
D) ₹ 75840
Ans. A)

39) In October 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the second phase of Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban (SBM-U) and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), missions. These have been designed to realise the aspiration of making the cities of India
A) Pollution Free and Home Secure
B) Slum Free and Food Secure
C) Garbage Free and Water Secure
D) Crime Free and Food Secure
Ans. C)

40) How can barriers created by refutations and arguments be resolved?
A) listening to the views of the other
B) trying to prove one's own views are correct
C) setting up the sender or receiver at a higher position
D) Selecting the contradictions
Ans. A)

41) The Human Development Index (HDI) includes which one of the following components?
A) Ratio of Medical Doctors per 100 people in an area 
B) The Birth and Life Expectancy
C) The Students graduating from Pre-Primary School
D) The Infant mortality rate due to Pneumonia and Diarrhea
Ans. B)

42) The Constitution of India guarantees protection from social injustice and all different forms of exploitation. Which of the following is an INCORRECT option pertaining to the protective legislations acted by respective governments?
A) Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2000
B) Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Economic offenses against tribal people) Act, 2005
C) The Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955
D) Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989
Ans. B)

43) Where is the Karakoram range located?
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Northern Parts of Jammu & Kashmir
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) North eastern part of Sikkim
Ans. B)

44) Which of the following when added to pure water usually increases its surface tension?
A) Detergent
B) Sodium chloride
C) Kerosene oil
D) Phenyl
Ans. B)

45) Which of the following markup language is used to add effects to a web page?
C) C++
D) C Language
Ans. B)

46) Imagine your parents are planning to build a house. They ask you about the different landforms. In which landform, you would suggest them to build a house and why?
A) Mountain, because it is thinly populated and cold climate
B) Plateau, because it is rich in minerals and at high altitudes
C) Desert, because it is very hot during the day and cold during the night
D) Plain, because of its pleasant climate throughout the year
Ans. Null

47).Identify the national leader who tried to arouse political consciousness in the general population; through the newspapers like 'Kesari' and 'Maratha' during India's freedom struggle.
A) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
C) Aurobindo Ghosh
D) Subash Chandra Bose
Ans. B)

48) Which of these can be a barrier to communication?
A) Clear diction
B) Unbiased opinion
C) Use of high-sounding words
D) Good network connection
Ans. C)

49) What is the number of bits of an IP address in IPV6 version?
A) 32
B) 64 
C) 128 
D) 256
Ans. C)

50) In August 2021, India’s first ‘Smog Tower’, an experimental set up to purify air in a 1-km radius around the structure, at a rate of around 1,000 cubic metres of air per second was installed in which of the following cities?
A) Mumbai
B) Pune
C) Chennai
D) Delhi
Ans. D)

51) Who among the following social reformers preached the doctrine of 'One Caste, One Religion and One God'?
A) Narayan Guru
B) Jyotiba Phule
C) Naoroji Furdunji
D) Balak Singh
Ans. A)

52) In which range of Himalayas, the Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world is situated?
A) The Sivalik range
B) Nilgiris range
C) The Great Himalayas 
D) Aravalli Range
Ans. C)

53) Identify the Antonym for the word - disparity 
A) visibility
B) vulgarity
C) humility 
D) similarity
Ans. D)

54) As of 2021, the Jammu and Kashmir. Reorganisation Act, 2019, consists of:
A) 103 Sections and 5 Schedules
B) 105 Sections and 7 Schedules
C) 107 Sections and 7 Schedules
D) 107 Sections and 5 Schedules
Ans. A)

55) As per the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act 2019, the total number of members in the Legislative Assembly of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir shall be:
a) 90
B) 97
C) 115
D) 107
Ans. D)

56) Which one of the following substances is usually used in cold countries to melt ice accumulated on the roads during winter?
A) Salt
B) Urea
C) Boric Acid
D) Hydrogen Peroxide
Ans. A)

57) Hitesh started walking from his home. First, he walked straight from his home and took a left turn. He then walked for some more distance and took a right turn. Again, he walked some distance and took a left turn. If he is facing the North direction at the end, then in which direction did he start walking initially?
A) East
B) West 
C) North
D) South
Ans. A)

58) Choose the CORRECT option for the given statements
(i) Bara-lacha Pass is a high mountain pass in the Western Ghats mountain range.
(ii) Bara-lacha Pass connects Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh to Leh district in Ladakh

A) Statement (i) is True and (ii) is False
B) Statement (i) is False and (ii) is True 
C) Both the statements (i) and (ii) are True
D) Both the statements (i) and (ii) are False
Ans. B)

59) Different countries are classified at different levels of development. On which of the following criteria are countries classified as developed countries?
A) High per capita income
B) High level of unemployment
C) High incidence rate of poverty
D) Low standard of living
Ans. A)

60) Alex who was facing the West direction turns 135 degrees in the clockwise direction and then turns 45 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?
A) North
B) South
C) North-East
D) South-West
Ans. A)

61) Read the following statements and choose the CORRECT answer.
(i) GDP is a specific measure of economic welfare that does 'NOT' include aspects like leisure time, environmental quality, freedom, social justice or gender equality.
(ii) Per Capita Income includes and also indicates the level of income equality among people.

A) (i) is True and (ii) is False
B) (i) is False and (ii) is True
C) (i) is True and (ii) is True 
D) (i) is False and (ii) is False
Ans. A)

62) As per the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, how many women representatives can be nominted to the Legislative Assembly of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 6
Ans. A)

63) The term Biomagnification refers to
A) increase in the concentration of non-degradable pollutant as they pass through food chain
B) group of individuals of the same species within a community
C) number of births during a given time period
D) Interspecific interaction between members in which one population adversely affects the other
Ans. A)

64) Which of the following options is NOT an example of Abiotic component of an ecosystem?
A) Air
B) Soil
C) Sunlight 
D) Fungi
Ans. D)

65) A list of all Central laws made applicable to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is provided under which schedule of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019?
A) Second Schedule
B) Third Schedule
c) Fourth Schedule
D) Fifth Schedule
Ans. D)

66) Identify the synonym of the word -acrimony
A) rancor
B) civility
C) matrimony
D) obstinacy
Ans. A)

67) River Godavari originates from which of the following states in India?
A) Maharashtra 
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Telangana
Ans. A)

68) Which of the following statements is FALSE in relation to the Non-Cooperation Movement?
A) People were asked to boycott foreign goods and use only Indian-made goods
B) Charkhas were popularized on a large scale and khadi was promoted
C) Abolition of Salt tax and reduction in land revenue rate
D) Promotion of harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims
Ans. C)

69) The 'Montreal Protocol' is an international treaty designed to fulfil which of the following objectives?
A) Narcotics Control
B) Hazardous Waste Disposal 
C) Ozone Layer Protection
D) Wild Life Protection
Ans. C)

70) Listening is __________
A) an accurate perception of what is being communicated
B) hearing sounds
C) responding to a message
D) soundwaves reaching the ear
Ans. A)

71) Ozone is a gas made up of
A) four oxygen atoms
B) two oxygen atoms
C) three oxygen atoms
D) five oxygen atoms
Ans. C)

72) If you go to Northern part of Karnataka and Maharashtra, you will see lots of cotton plants. What is the reason for that?
A) Cotton grows well in the black soil of the Deccan Plateau
B) The Deccan plateau receives a lot of rainfall and requires a lot of labour
C) Maharashtra and Karnataka experience hot climate throughout the year, so most of the people need cotton clothes
D) Deccan plateau has more number of cotton factories
Ans. A)

73) EVMs are used in Indian General and State Elections by voters to cast their vote. EVM is an acronym for
A) Electrical Voting Mechanism
B) Election Voting Machine 
C) Elected Voting Member 
D) Electronic Voting Machine
Ans. D)

74) Directions: In the following figure, circle represents litrate, bigger rectangle represents healthy and smaller rectangle represents rich people. Answer the question that follows:
Which number represents those literates who are neither rich nor healthy?

A) 4
B) 2
C) 5
D) 6
Ans. A)

75) In the Indian parliamentary system, a member who is elected for a full term of the Rajya Sabha serves for a period of: 
A) 4 years 
B) 5 years
C) 6 years
D) 2 years
Ans. C)

76) Identify the part of the sentence that has an error: The college offer all the courses of arts and humanity but no courses of science.
A) The college offer
B) the courses
C) of arts and humanity
D) but no courses of science
Ans. A) 

77) Instruction: Below mentioned are statements followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Some fruits are vegetables
Some vegetables are leafy vegetables
No leafy vegetable is a fruit

I) All fruits are leafy vegetables
II) No fruit is a leafy vegetable

A) Only II follows
B) Only I follows
C) Both I and II follow
D) None of the conclusions follow
Ans. A)

78) On invitation of which of the following freedom fighters did Mahatma Gandhi visit Odisha for the first time in 1921, at Cuttack?
A) Chandra Sekhar Behera
B) Laxmi Narayan Mishra
C) Gopabandhu Das
D) Biswaksen Mishra
Ans. C)

79) What is the full form of MSG, a chief flavor enhancer used in the food industry?
A) Monosodium glycinate
B) Monosodium glutamate
C) Monosodium glutamine
D) Monosulphur glycerol
Ans. B)

80) Which is the odd one out among the four images?

Ans. D)

81) What is the term Soft indicates in Software?
A) All the computer languages are very soft in nature and product created using these languages are called as Software
B) programs doesn't create any noise during execution, unlike disk drives which is part of Hardware. So it is software
C) Computer software can be changed easily by users as per their requirement and hence the term soft appearing in it
d) Most of the developers are soft in nature. Due to this Reason the term soft is tagged in the product developed
Ans. C)

82) What will happen to data in RAM (Random Access Memory) when power goes off and computer shuts down?
A) Data is stored permanently in RAM and the data will not get erased from the memory
B) Data is retrieved from backup registers when power is restored and activity resumes normally
C) Data stored in Random Access Memory is lost when power goes off and it will have to be recreated. 
D) Data is recovered from Disaster Recovery site (DR site) and operation is continued with little disturbance
Ans. C)

83) The indigenous catfishes in Indian rivers are facing a threat of extinction because of which reason among the following options?
A) Coextinction
B) Alien species invasion
C) Habitat loss
D) Over exploitation
Ans. B)

84) The objective of Social Development Goals is to link together different dimensions known as Triple Bottom Line combining 3Ps. Which of the following are three Ps in Triple Bottom Line of SDGs?
A) Place, Person, Position
B) Progress, Possibilities, Profit
C) Place, Pricing, Product 
D) planet, Profit, People
Ans. D)

85) What is the meaning of miscommunication?
A) Using the wrong medium to communicate
B) Using the wrong language
C) Disturbance in the channel of communication
D) The receiver not perceiving the intended meaning of the message
Ans. D)

86) CNG is a fuel gas which is mainly composed of methane that is used for Vehicles in general. Here CNG stands for:
A) Complex Nitrous Gas
B) Certified National Gas
C) Compressed Natural Gas
D) Coal and Nucleotide Gas
Ans. C)

87) Which of the following instruments is used to measure the blood pressure of the Human body?
A) Endoscope
B) Thermometer
C) Stethoscope
D) Sphygmomanometer
Ans. D)

88) Identify the part of the sentence that has an error: The dog pounced in the thief when he tried to run away.
A) The dog pounced
B) in the thief
C) when he tried 
p) tried to run away
Ans. B)

89) The new SARS-CoV-2 variant, B.1.1.529 first reported in South Africa classified as a “Variant of Concern" by the World Health Organization is named as:
A) Delta plus
B) Gamma
C) omlcron
D) Alpha
Ans. C)

90) Which one of the following is a standard mail protocol used to receive emails from a remote server to a local email client?
Ans. B)

91) The Ministry of Labour & Employment launched India’s first centralised database of unorganised workers in 2021 which will be helpful in delivering various social security schemes being implemented by the Central and State Governments. Identify the name of this portal.
Ans. C)

92) Which of the following is an online dicussion group where people can join a group and post messages to that group?
A) Exit polls
B) Photos and films 
C) Forums
D) Editorials
Ans. C)

93) Choose the best option to complete the sentence:

Most of the communication methods used today are .

A) technology-based
B) manually operated
C) centralized
D) time-sensitive
Ans. A)

94) The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on which of the following dates?
A) Nov 26, 1949
B) Dec 26, 1950
C) Jan 26,1949
D) Nov 26, 1947
Ans. A)

95) The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, has introduced certain changes in 'The States and The Union Territories' sections of the Constitution. Accordingly, which of the following Schedules of the Constitution of India has been amended?
A) First Schedule
B) Second Schedule
C) Third Schedule
D) Fifth Schedule
Ans. A)

96) What kind of a phrase is the underlined part of the sentence? 
The glass was full of water when it slipped from his hands.
A) Verb Phrase
B) Adverb Phrase
C) Prepositional Phrase 
D) Adjective Phrgse
Ans. D)

97) Select one of the following four options that will make the 2nd pair analogous to the 1st pair given.

345: 12 :: 179: ?

A) 14
B) 15
C) 16
D) 17
Ans. D)

98) Which of the following types of rainfall occurs when the saturated air mass encounters a mountain and the air is forced to rise?
A) Frontal rainfall
B) Convectional rainfall
C) Cyclonic rainfall
D) Orographic rainfall
Ans. D)

99) Which device is used to perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet?
A) Bridge 
9) Firewall
c) Router
D) Hub
Ans. C)

100) If x:y = 1:3, then the ratio (7x2+3xy):(2xy+y2) is
A) 10:3
B) 16:5
C) 16: 7
D) 16:15
Ans. D)

101) What type of food chain exhibits the following way of transfer of energy in an ecology?

Dead organism ->> Fungi ->> Bacteria

A) Producer food chain
B) Parasitic food chain
p) Saprophytic food chain
D) Predator food chain
Ans. C)

102) Whom would you choose as the recipient of a message?
A) Those who should not have access to the information 
B) Those who will be affected by the message or its results
C) Those who have no say or interest in the matter
D) Those who have no responsibility or capability of understanding
Ans. B)

103) What is the coded number for WNCSZV from the following figure?


CODE DIGIT: 864729351

A) 348267
B) 318267
C) 348957 
D) 348967
Ans. D)
104) As per the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, an Administrator will be appointed under Article 239 of the Constitution of India for the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and he/she shall be designated as:
A) UT Administrator
B) Lieutenant Governor
C) Deputy Governor
D) Advocate-General
Ans. B)

105) Choose correct match of the image that will fill the blank space

A) (a)
B) (b)
C) (c)
D) (d)
Ans. B)

106) Complete the sentence with the correct option:

The sender should choose his words very carefully in order to ______:

A) confuse the receiver
B) create a vague message
C) avoid ambiguity
D) complicate the message
Ans. C)

107) A printed circuit boad that can be installed to enhance a computer’s capabilities, as by increasing memory or improving graphics is called
A) writing tablet
B) keyboard
C) expansion board
D) NIC controller
Ans. C)
108) Directions: Read the following statements and answer the questions given below:
A is the Father of B, but B is not his son. C is the daughter of B. D is the wife of A. E is the brother of B. H is the son of E, F is the wife of E, G is the father of F.

Question: Who is the Sister in law of B?

A) H
B) F
C) D
D) C
Ans. B)

109) The period of transition from childhood and adulthood is known as
A) Maturity
B) Courtship
C) Adulthood 
D) Adolescence
Ans. D)
110) Given below is a question followed by 2 statements numbered I and II. Choose the statement(s) required to answer the question by selecting a relevant option.

Question: What is the length of the line segment AC?

I. Length of line segment AB is 10 cms
II. Length of line segment BC is 10 cms

A) Statement (I) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (II) ALONE is NOT sufficient
B) Statement (II) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (I) ALONE is NOT sufficient
C) BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient
D) Statements (I) and (II) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient
Ans. D)
111) According to the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019, the Union Territory created without a Legislature is:
A) Ladakh
B) Jammu and Kashmir
C) Jammu
D) Kargil
Ans. A)

112) The average weight of 25 kids is 24 kg. If the weight of a man is included, then the average weight increases by 2 kg. The weight of the man is
A) 50 kg
B) 75 kg
C) 76 kg
D) 84 kg
Ans. C)

113) Which of the following refers to a web address which uniquely identifies an object over the internet? 
D) IP Address
Ans. B)

114) Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the statement given below?

Statement: The dietician advised-"Eat healthy & avoid junk food to stay fit”

Assumption (I): Junk food isn't healthy.
Assumption (II): Healthy food habits prevent a person from many diseases.

A) Only Assumption I is implicit
B) Only Assumption II is implicit
C) Neither I nor II is implicit
D) Both I & II are implicit
Ans. A)

115) Instruction: Below mentioned are statements followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts

All lions are cats.
All cats are hunters.

I) All hunters are lions
II) Some hunters are lions
III) All lions are hunters

A) Only II follows
B) Only III follows
C) Both I and III follow
D) Both II and III follow
Ans. D)

116) Priya leaves her house at 20 minutes to 6 in the evening and takes 30 minutes to reach Anjali’s house. They finish their breakfast in another 10 minutes and leave for their office which takes another 40 minutes. At what time does she reach her office?
A) 6:50 PM
B) 7:00 PM
C) 7:10 PM
D) 7:20 PM
Ans. B)

117) As per the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, which Article of Indian Constitution is applicable to “Union territory of Jammu an Kashmir?
A) Article 238
B) Article 238A
C) Article 236 
D) Article 239A
Ans. D)

118) Study the piecharts carefully to answer the questions. The number of female employees working in HR and IT department together is x percent of the total number of employees in the company. What is 'x'?

A) 23.68% 
B) 25.72% 
D) 37.11%
Ans. A)

119) Choose the correct word substitute for the following sentence: The branch of Physics concerned with the properties of sound.
A) Rhythm
B) Resonance 
C) Acoustics
D) Announce
Ans. C)

120) The British Parliament took away the power to govern India from East India Company after the Revolt of 1857. The title of the Empress of India was assumed by:
A) Queen Margaret
B) Queen Elizabeth
C) Queen Isabella
D) Queen Victoria
Ans. D)

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