Tuesday 24 November 2015

List of Exams to be conducted by JKSSB in December, 2015

JKSSB has released the examination schedule for the various posts which is going to be conducted in the month of December, 2015. The schedule has been provided in two different notifications the links for which are provided below:

JKSSB December 2015 Exam schedule

JKSSB is going to conduct the following Exams in the month of December, 2015:
  1. Speech Therapist/ Path/ Audio Technician
  2. Jr. Occupational Therapist
  3. Technical Assistant
  4. Vocational Instructor jewlery & Precious
  5. Vocational Instructor Dairy Technology
  6. Vocational Instructor Computer Aided Embroidery/Needle Work
  7. Vocational Instructor Health& Sanitary Inspector
  8. Vocational Instructor Domestic House Keeping
  9. Vocational Instructor Health & Sanitary Inspector
  10. Vocational Instructor Fashion technology
  11. Vocational Instructor Interior Decorator & Designing
  12. Form Clerk
Download notification for above posts here
  1. Mannual 􀀃Asstt.Grade-II􀀃
  2. Inspector/ Legal 􀀃Metrology􀀃
  3. Laboratory􀀃 Assistant􀀃
  4. Senior 􀀃Laboratory􀀃Technician􀀃
  5. Laboratory􀀃 Technician􀀃
  6. Laboratory􀀃 Assistant􀀃
  7. Tabla 􀀃Assistant􀀃
  8. Cherographer􀀃
  9. Tabla 􀀃Assistant􀀃
  10. Assistant􀀃Scientific􀀃Officer (Lie􀀃detector)
  11. Laboratory􀀃Assistant􀀃
  12. Loan 􀀃Supervisor􀀃
  13. Vocational􀀃Instructor􀀃Tourist􀀃 Guide􀀃
  14. Demonstrator􀀃Travel 􀀃and􀀃 Tourism
  15. Conservation􀀃Asst􀀃
Download notification for the above posts here
Don't forget to check the notification numbers for the above posts

Patwari, Revenue Department Exam (Notification No. 06 of 2015) also to be conducted in the month of December. Apart from above Exams, JKSSB has decided to conduct the exam for the post of Patwari, Revenue Department (Notification No. 06 of 2015) also in the same month. Click here to read the notice and syllabus issued by JKSSB for the Patwari Exam.

Updates regarding above posts will provided both on the official site of JKSSB and Jkssb posts
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