Monday 14 August 2017

JKSSB answers on status of Naib Tehsildar and CGL Exam

JKSSB has started addressing  the grievances of aspiring candidates  via an email id.  The commonly asked questions on CGL and Naib Tehsildar have been answered  by JKSSB. You too can ask questions to JKSSB on  e-mail ID ([email protected]).  The e-mail ID has been issued for redressing the grievances of the aspirants.

JKSSB answers on status of Naib Tehsildar and CGL Exam
Many mails of absolutely similar nature have been received by JKSSB. It is, therefore, considered appropriate to introduce “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) for answering such questions at one place, instead of replying to each question individually.

Q.1 What is the status of Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam which was held in April, 2017? 
Ans. The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam was held on 27.04.2017 pursuant to Advertisement Notification nos. 05 & 06 of 
2015. Some candidates belonging to a particular Centre in district Doda were aggrieved of the arrangements and management at their Centre which allegedly prevented them from taking the exam. 
Some of these candidates approached the Hon’ble High Court in Jammu through Writ Petition. The Hon’ble Court was pleased to 
pass the following order on 09.06.2017 “subject to objections and till next date before the Bench, selection process qua aforesaid advertisement notifications to the extent of graduate level posts shall stay” 
As such, the further process on the said exam has come to a standstill. The Board has filed its reply and it shall take stand in the interest of all aspirants. Further progress in the matter, if any, shall be shared. 

Q.2 What is the status of Naib-Tehsildar recruitment which was notified in 2015? 
Ans. The post of Naib-Tehsildar was Advertised vide Notification No. 01 of 2015. However, some candidates who were aggrieved of the mode of selection criteria pertaining to ‘knowledge of Urdu’ have approached the Hon’ble High Court vide three different Service Writ Petitions. The common order of Hon’ble Court is reproduced below:- 
“Meanwhile, subject to objection from other side and till next date of hearing before the bench, test for post of Naib-Tehsildar in Revenue Department is put on hold”. 
The Board has filed its reply and further progress shall be shared with aspirants through newspapers.

Q.3 Why is the Board delaying the selection of Forest Guards & Foresters?
Ans. The vacancies for Forest Guards, Wildlife Foresters and Social, Forestry Workers were advertised through different notifications in the year 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for different Districts and Division Cadres. The Board has conducted the physical measurements of the aspirants. The next stage of screening would be a Walk - Test, prescribed in the rules. The Board is shortly going to announce the schedule for the said Walk-Test. However,
there is status quo ordered by the Hon’ble High Court in respect of the vacancies which were advertised vide notification no. 08 of 2010.

Q.4 When will the Board advertise vacancies for Junior Engineers in various departments?
Ans. The Board advertises vacancies only after the Administrative Department places its requisition / indent in the prescribed format to the Board. So far, no Department has referred its vacancies to the Board for JEs.

Q.5 When will the Board announce the result for the posts of Account Assistants which was advertised in 2010?
Ans. The selection for the posts of Account Assistants of Finance Department has been a long pending issue in the Board. The matter got involved in the litigation due to faulty criteria adopted by the Board. In February, 2017 the Hon’ble High Court has passed final judgement on the issue. The Board is therefore required to rectify the lists in light of Hon’ble High Court judgement. The selection lists shall accordingly be declared shortly.

Q.6 When is the Board notifying the posts for Teachers?
Ans. The Education department has so far not referred the vacancies to the Board. The Board shall advertise the posts as soon as the vacancies are referred to it.

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