Tuesday 1 January 2019

7th Pay Commission: Confirmed, your salary hikes to be based on Aykroyd formula

The year 2018 for Central Government employees did not bring in much joy, especially on the 7th Pay Commission front.
The CG employees would be hoping against hope that the New Year 2019 would bring about some good news and their basic minimum salaries would be increased.

What to expect:
The government has said a clear no as of now for any pay hike. There are discussions and deliberations that continue, but the government has not committed anything so far. Government sources say that they would go for a pay hike, but it would be as per the new formula.

The Aykroyd formula:
The year 2019 would see the government introducing the Aykroyd formula. This means that there would be no 8th Pay Commission. Justice A K Mathur who headed the 7th Pay Commission said that the government must review the salary of central government employees every year looking into the data available based on price index. The commission had recommended that the pay matrix may be reviewed periodically without waiting for the long period of ten years. Salaries of central government employees can be reviewed on the basis of the Aykroyd formula which takes into consideration the changes prices of the commodities that constitute a common man's basket. The Labour Bureau at Shimla reviews these changing prices of commodities periodically. This would mean that government employees will not have to wait for ten years for the formation of a pay commission to review their salaries and pension. All salary hikes and other revisions would take place every year taking into consideration the inflation that year.

New rating system:
Come April 1 2019, a new rating formula would be set in motion. The government would look to weed out the non-performers and will depend on public feedback to grant promotions. Better promotions would depend on how the ratings and public feedback is. The Department of Personnel and Training has prepared a full grading system and a proposal has been sent to the government in this regard. Up to 80 per cent of the weightage will be on public feedback for promotion. This would apply to better appraisal of government employees in the departments where they are directly involved with the public.

7th Pay Commission the last:
It is now almost confirmed that the 7th Pay Commission would be the last pay commission. The new methods of evaluating CG employees would come into force and this would be periodic. This would mean that the hikes would be more periodic in nature. However there would also be a rating system in place, by way of which the promotions and how secure the jobs are would be decided. A Happy New Year to all of you and may your wishes come true in 2019.

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