Monday 12 September 2016

SSC CLG 2016 - 9 September questions 3rd shift

The questions below are based on memory of one of our team members  who appeared in SSC CGLE 2016 on 9th September, 2016 3rd shift :

SSC CLG 2016 - 9 September questions 3rd shift

1. Principles of state welfare lies in DPSP (Directive Principles of State Policy)

2. P. V.  Sindhu is a player of Badminton

3. Outermost layer of sun is known as Photosphere

4. Study of soil is known as
A. Pedology
B. Pedagogy
C. Pomology
Ans. B. Pedagogy

5. Mahatma Budh belonged to which clan? Shakya

6. Which vitamin helps in absorption of calcium? Vitamin D

7. Which of the following is a metamorphic rock?
A. Dolomite
B. Basalt
C. Granite
D. This option was either Calcilutite or a mineral similar in name which is the answer because granite and basalt are igneous rocks and dolomite is sedimentary rock  

8. Right to preventive detention is
A. right to freedom
B. Right to equality
C.  Right against exploitation
Ans. Right to freedom

9. Pneumonia is a bacterial disease caused by
A. Vibrio
B. Coccii
Don't remember other options
Ans. Coccii. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae

10. Which vitamin contains nitrogen?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin E
D. Vitamin K
E. Vitamin B

11. Laughing gas is also known as 
A. Nitrogen 
B. Nitrous oxide 
C. Nitric oxide

Ans. Nitrous oxide 

Few Quantitative questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 evening shift:
1. a/1-2a + b/1-2b + c/1-2c = 1, then 1/1-2a + 1/1-2b + 1/1-2c =?
2. x+1/x =7, then x^8+1/x^8 =?
3. a+b=90 and a:b=2:1,then ratio of cosa to cosb =
4. If an amount doubles in 8 years, what is the interest rate on the amount per annum?
5. The sales of cars for a company is 41800. The company wants to achieve a target of 51300. By what percent the sale should increase?

Overall difficulty of paper  was medium. Except few questions most of the questions were easy in all the sections. We will update more and more topics on this blog for aspirants on SSC CGL 2017. Please help improve this article by adding questions in comments if you know more questions from the same shift so that more aspirants can take benefit. 

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