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GK about J&K for competitive exams - test 1

Attempt all the questions below and answer in the comments section. The correct answers will be published tomorrow:

GK on J&K for competitive exams

1. The construction of Raghunath temple in Jammu was started by which of the following rulers un the history of J&K?
A. Pratap Singh
B. Hari Singh
C. Ranjit Singh
D. Gulab Singh

2. Mamleshwar temple in Pahalgam is devoted to the Hindu God:
A. Kali
B. Shiva
C. Krishna
D. Vushnu

3. Hari Parbat Fort was built by
A. Humayun
B. Akbar
C. Gulab Singh
D. Atta Mohammad Khan

4. Which of the following places is also known as "The Meadow of Flower"?
A. Kangra
B. Gumarg
C. Dibang
D. Neora

5. When did Kashmir become part of Lahore? 
A. 1816
B. 1817
C. 1818
D. 1819

6. Which place in J&K is also known as "chotta Kashi"? 
A. Shivkhori
B. Reasi
C. Purmandal
D. Katra

7. Based on recent excavations, which of these is believed to be a prominent abode of Buddhism during the Kushan period?
A. Baramulla
B. Samba
C. Akhnoor
D. Srinagar

8. Hiuen-Tsang, the eminent chinese traveller, visited Kashmir during the rule of which dynasty? 
A. Karakota
B. Gonanda
C. Aditya
D. Utpala

9. Martand temple is dedicated to which Hindu God? 
A. Shiva
B. Surya (Sun) 
C. Indra
D. None of the above 

10. Which of these valleys got its name after the name of a movie? 
A. Lolab
B. Betaab
C. Bangus
D. Jai

11. Sonmarg is known as "The meadow of gold" due to
A. Clouds
B. Snow
C. Yellow crocuses
D. Rivers

12. Chandan Sar, Sukh Sar, Neelsar are the famous lakes in
A. Baramulla 
B. Poonch
C. Ladakh
D. Rajouri

13. Bandipora is situated around the north shore of 
A. Wular lake
B. Nagin lake
C. Dal lake
D. Tsomoriri lake

14. The mughal road connects poonch to
A. Kathua 
B. Bandipora 
C. Srinagar 
D. Jammu

15. Which lake is also known as 'Harmukh Ganga' ? 
A. Dal lake
B. Ganderbal lake
C. Vishansar lake
D. Kishansar lake

Correct Answers:
1. Ans. C. Ranjit Singh
2. Ans. B. Shiva
3. Ans. D. Atta Mohammad Khan
4. Ans. B. Gumarg
5. Ans. D) 1819
6. Ans. C. Purmandal
7. Ans. C) akhnoor
8. Ans. A. Karakota
9. Ans. C. Surya (Sun)
10. Ans. B. Betaab
11. Ans. C. Yellow crocuses which are yellow flowers that bloom in spring in the valley.
12. Ans. B. Poonch
13. Ans. A. Wular lake
14. Ans. C. Srinagar
15. Ans. B. Ganderbal lake

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