Tuesday 24 August 2021

Important MCQs on demography and census for upcoming JKSSB exams

MCQs for JKSSB Junior Assistant, Sub Inspector and for other up exams. 

Important MCQs on demography and census for upcoming JKSSB exams

Q1 who is known as the "Father of Demographic Studies"?

A) Neil Adger
B) Tim Cresswell
C) Karl Marx
D) Aryabhatt

Q2 Which of the following earliest treaty used the term 'census' for the first time?
A) Rajtrangini
B) Arthashastra
C) Akbarnama
D) Ain-e-Akbari

Q3 When first census was held, who was the Governor-General?
A) Lord Curzon
B) Lord Irwin
C) Lord Mayo
D) Lord Dalhousie

Q4 Which year is known as the year of Demographic divide?
A) 1920
B) 1919
C) 1921
D) 1918
Q5 The term demography was given by
A) Adam smith
B) Achille Guillard
C) John M Keynes
D) None of the Above

Q6 The concept Demographic transition model with four stages was given by.. 
A) Alferd Marshell
B) Warren Thompson
C) David Recardo
D) Irving fischer

Q7 Father of demography is..... 
A) Elinor Ostrom
B) John Graunt
C) Milton Friedman
D) Warren Buffett

Q8 which of the following is not included in Demographic processes? 
A) Mortality
B) Fertility
C) Morbidity
D) Social mobility

Q9. When was first census held in India? 
A) 1869

Q10. National census day is observed on.... 
A) 9th February 
B) Ist April
C) 8th June
D) 4 August
1. Ans. C) Karl marx
2. Ans. B) Arthashastra
3. Ans. C) Lord Mayo
4. Ans. C) 1921
5. Ans. B) Achille Guillard
6. Ans. B) Warren Thompson
7. Ans. B) John Graunt
8. Ans. C) Morbidity 
9. Ans. D) 1872
10. Ans. A) 9th February

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