Monday 28 March 2016

Important Books and Authors - General Knowledge, current Affairs

Below is a list of latest famous books, their authors and the publications from where these books have been published. Remember the names and don't forget to share this post to friends: 

1. Sikkim, Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom  - By Andrew Duff, Random House India
2. The Making of India  - By Akhilesh Tilotia, Rupa Publications Delhi
3. Muslim Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire  - By Seema Aldir, Harvard University Press
4. The Challenge of Things : Thinking Through Troubled Times  - By AC Grayling, Bloomsbury
5. Hadal: Inspired by a True Story  - By C P Surendran, Fourth Estate
6. Conflict Resolution in Multi Cultural Societies -  The Indian Experience - By Jhumpa Mukherjee
7. Modi's World : Expanding India's Sphere of Influence   - By C. Raja Mohan, Harper Collins
The book presents a sharp analysis of India's chal­lenges in navigating a rapidly transforming regional and international landscape under Narendra Modi. 
8. Unbound : 2000 Years of Indian Women's Writing  - Edited by Annie Zaidi, Aleph Book company
9. The Emergency : A Personal History  - By Coomi Kapoor, Penguin Viking

10. The Pakistan Paradox : Instability and Resilience - By Christaphe Jaffrelot, Random Home India 
11. Nehru : A Troubled Legacy - By R. N. P. Singh
12. Farthest Field : An Indian Story of the Second World War - By Raghu Karnad, WW Norton & Company
13. The Devil Take Love - By Sudhir Kakar, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Books
The book is a fictional account of the life, love and lyrics of Sanskrit poet Bhartrihari
14. Breaking Through : India's Stories of Beating the odds on Poverty  - By Meera Mitra, Rupa, Delhi
The book is a compilation of real life stories of people who despite years of state planning and funding, are still strug­gling to claw their way out of the poverty sink hole.
15. Kashmir : The Vajpayee Years  - By A. S. Dulat, with Aditya Sinha, Harper Collins
16. The Country of First Boys  - By Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, Oxford University Press
17. The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong : The Untold Story of My Struggle for Tibet  - By Gyalo Thondup Anne F Thurston, Random House India
18. Knowledgeable Strategy  - By Parag Kulkarni, Bloomsburg
19. The Raj at War; A People's History of India's Second World War - By Yasmin Khan, Random House, India
20. The Devourers  -  By Indra Das, Penguin India
21. The Cosmopolitans -  By Anjum Hasan, Penguin Anjum 
22. Himalayan Bound : An American's Journey with Normads in India  - By Michael Benanav, Harper Collins, India. 
23. The Untold Truth  - By Retd. Ltd. General P. N. Hoon, a former Army commander of the prestigious command. 
 24. War on Women  - By Roger Stone
25. JFK's Forgotten Crisis, the CIA and the Sino-IndianWar  - By Bruce Riedel
In this book the author reveals that Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru PM of India sought US help during Sino India War in 1962.
26. Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove  - By Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Pakistan's former foreign minister
27. Resurgent India : Ideas and Priorities  - By Ramgopal Agrawala, Rajiv Kumar, Rajesh Shah,
Academic Foundation 
28. The Art of Shantiniketan  - Edited by Kishore Singh, DAG Modern
29. The Modi Effect  - By Lance Price
30. India  - By Steve McCurry, Phaidon Roli Books
31. Dial D for Don  - By Neeraj Kumar, former Delhi Police Commissioner 
32. The Island of Lost Girls  - By Manjula Padmanabhan, Hachette India
33. GDP : A Brief but Affectionate History  - By Diane Coyle, Princeton University Press.
34. Nine Scorpions in a Bottle     - By Max Lerner. 
35. The Story of AL Qaeda's War on the House of Saud  - By Thomas Small and Jonathan Hacker

36. Prince of Ayodhya  - By Ashok K. Banker. It is the Ramayan, but told in a very interesting manner. The plot is the same as the epic, but what is amazing is that it is written from another point of view. The characters are not gods but mortals flawed human beings.
37. This Unquiet Land : Stories from India's Fault Lines  - By Barkha Dutt, Aleph Book Company
38. Kanu's Gandhi  - By Kanu Gandhi, Nazar Foundation Kanu Gandhi was Mahatma Gandhi's grand nephew and photo-chronicler of the last 10 years of his life.
39. The Substance and the Shadow  - An autobiography by celebrated actor Dilip Kumar
40. Caravans : Indian Merchants on the Silk Road  - By Scott C. Levi, Panguin
41. A Strangeness in My Mind  - By Orhan Pamuk
42. The Phoenix Moment: Challenges Confronting the Indian Left  - By Praful Bidwai, Harper Collins
43. For King and Another Country  - By Shrabani Basu, Bloomsbury .
44. Working out of the Box  - By Aparna Piramal Raje, Random House T
45. Legal Confidential : Adventures of an Indian Lawyer   - By Ranjeev C Dubey, Penguin
46. Indian and Chinese Immigrant Communities  - By Jayati Bhattacharya and Coonoor Kriplani,
Anthem Press
47. Abode Under the Dome; State Guests at Raisina Hill  - By Thomas Mathew; Publication Division Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 
48. The 'Z' Factor : My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time   - By Dr. Subhash Chandra
49. Beyond Hybridity and Fundamentalism : Emerging Muslim Identity in a Globalised India
 - By Tabassum Ruhi Khan, Oxford University Press 
50. JFK's Forgotten Crisis : Tibet, the CIA, and the Sino-lndian War  - By Bruce Riedel, Harper Collins

51. A Handbook for My Lover —By Rosalyn D' Mello
52. Going for Gold —By Nanda Menon
53. 1962 : The War That Wasn't —By Shiv Kunal Verma, Aleph
54. The Oxford Handbook of Indian Foreign Policy —Edited by David Malone, C. Raja Mohan, Srinath Raghavan, Oxford University Press
55. Incarnations : India in 50 lives —By Sunil Khilnani, Penguin
56. Friends in Wild Places : Birds, Beasts and Other Companions—By Ruskin Bond, Speaking Tiger
57. India-Myanmar Relations : Changing Contours —By Rajiv Bhatia, Routledge India
58. In Other Words —By jhumpa Lahiri, Bloombsbury
59. Fixed ! Cash and Corruption in Cricket —By Shantanu Guha Ray, Harper Collins
60. The Great Animal Orchestra —By Bernie Krause
61. The Living - By Anjali Joseph, Harper Collins
62. Six Lenses : Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships - By R. Gopalakrishnan, Rupa
63. Cameron on Cameron - By David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain

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