Saturday 19 March 2016

JKSSB exam conducted on 25th December, 2016 is cancelled

JKSSB has cancelled/scrapped the exam which was conducted on 25th December, 2016. The decision has come after one and a half month after an uproar on social media. On 25th Dec, 2016 examination was conducted for various posts:

JKSSB eaxam conducted on 25th December, 2016 is cancelled

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Assistant Handicrafts Training Officer
  • Assistant Handicrafts Training   Officer
  • Cameraman
  • Compilor  
  • Copy   Holder  
  • Data Entry operator
  • Junior Laboratory Assistant
  • Junior Supervisor/ Sub-Auditor
  • Laboratary   Assistant
  • Cherographer  
  • Tabla Assistant Accounts􀀃 Assistant
  • Assistant􀀃 Handicrafts􀀃 Training 􀀃Officer
  • Patwari
  • Assistant 􀀃Handicrafts􀀃 Training􀀃 Officer
  • Cameraman
  • Compilor􀀃
  • Copy􀀃 Holder􀀃
  • Data􀀃 Entry􀀃 operator
  • Junior 􀀃Laboratory 􀀃Assistant
  • Junior􀀃 Supervisor/􀀃 Sub-Auditor
  • Laboratary􀀃 Assistant
  • Cherographer􀀃
  • Tabla 􀀃Assistant􀀃
On the evening of examination day, some videos/images, depicting candidates taking the Written Test sitting in groups in the Examination Venues giving false impression of mass copying in specific centres went viral on social networking sites. The commission has agreed that during the course of distribution of Examination Material for Written Test at the two Examination Venues i.e Luthra College of Education, Talab Tillo and Sacred Heart College of Education, Paloura, Jammu, some miscreants/rowdy elements with the intention to disrupt the smooth conduct of Written Test, made forcible entry into the Examination Rooms and started manhandling the supervisory staff and tore off the OMR/Question Papers of some of the candidates. Subsequently some representations were also received from aspiring candidates requesting therein for calling off the Written Test for all the Centres of the State. Considering all the above factors, the commission has decided to re-conduct the exam in the month of April. Now the important point here is what steps JKSSB will take to prevent such happenings in future exams

Read the detailed notification issued d by JKSSB on cancellation of 25th December, 2016

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